Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheater Waffles

There's a new coffee shop on the corner that has a great deal for waffles. They make them extra thick, by leaving the machine open after pouring in the batter. Once it's mostly set, they close it and flip it. This gives a waffle that is about twice as thick as a normal one. They only offer powdered sugar, chocolate syrup or strawberry sauce as choices for toppings. Their batter is a little too sweet, so I don't think it needs any of it. However, it can do with a little fresh fruit. So here's a cheater "recipe" for fruited waffles.
  • one waffle, fresh from the iron
  • fresh fruit, sliced
    • banana
    • peach
    • strawberries
    • mango
    • etc
  1. Top waffle with fruit.
  2. Best served with side of fresh squeezed orange juice.
Oranges sell by the jin (about a pound) and you can get a bag of them for 100 NT during peak season in Taipei, containing 7-17 jins. About 4 oranges per good-sized cup.

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