Tuesday, August 26, 2008


It's too hot to bake - so not much going on here in August. However, one thing that's easy to do is blend up a smoothie. Just throw in your favorite ingredients - and voila! A refreshing treat.

Possible Ingredients
  • frozen fruit (bananas, berries, passonfruit, etc)
  • fresh fruit (pineapple, mango, etc)
  • liquid
    • yogurt
    • milk
    • juice
      • apple
      • grape
      • orange (this will make it bitter)
    • ice cream, sorbet
  • ice
  1. Chop fruit into smaller pieces, as necessary for your blender.
  2. Add additional ingredients and blend until smooth (or slightly chunky if you prefer).
  3. Drink or for a thick smoothie, eat with a spoon!
  • My favorite simplest combinations are
    • frozen banana and milk
    • mango and ice
  • My favorites are
    • mixed berries and banana
    • banana, pineapple, coconut milk (add rum to make pina coladas, or leave it out to keep it virgin)
  • Add almonds for a bit of a crunch and extra protein. Or try pumpkin seeds or shredded coconut.
  • Add fresh spinach for a bit of green.

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